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Checker's and Rally's
Palm Breeze
Woodspring Hotels
VCA Animal Hospital

Put a camera in my hand, a subject in front of me, and I'm happy. It's made me happy since I was a little girl. I would constantly play around with my dad's video camera, creating videos with my siblings and friends. I remember my first Youtube video called "The Stunt Men". It was my brother and his best friend doing outrageous tricks on the trampoline and running into walls (we were weird children). At only fifty views, I was beaming with joy. Looking back, it clearly wasn't a huge accomplishment, but little Veronica was happy, and she had a passion for creating.

In high school, I continued with some film work (picking up photography on the way), but I also got involved in theatre. However, when it came to college, I was torn on what to choose. Eventually, I decided to pursue theatre. I studied stage management for three years, until one day I realized I really wasn't happy. While I loved stage management, I didn't have a creative outlet. While theatre in itself is an art, stage management is the background work. Creating paperwork and answering constant emails just wasn't my thing. I needed to pursue something more creative. After a lot of thought, I put my stage management dream behind me. But then I what?

While I hopped around between majors trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I decided to help out a close friend with her blog called Daisy Jar. I wrote some blog posts, but I was mainly in charge of taking pictures for posts, as well as run the blog's social media account. I ended up liking it a lot more than I expected I would. That's when I started researching social media and content creation. I was sold.

My love of art and communications led me to major in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Central Florida, where I was able to take courses in both areas and integrate them into one. I currently work for an agency called FlashStock where I've had the amazing opportunity to create content for brands such as Wawa, Revlon, Checker's & Rally's, Woodspring Hotels, and Palm Breeze.

In the future, I plan to continue working for FlashStock, but I would love to branch out and work for other companies as well. Running my own agency somewhere down the road is also something I've thought about, but for now, I'm super excited to be where I am.