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The Little Moments Project - Week 1 - January 2017

Hi everybody! Happy (almost) February!

The words in this post will be short and sweet, because it's ultimately a photography project. As some of you know, I watch my niece and nephew during the week so I decided to get creative and capture everyday life, or the little moments, with them. So get ready for lots of pictures of cute kids! (PS. I had the day off Monday, January 2nd hence the reason for no pictures!) (PS. PS. There are also slideshows within this blog post, so it loads easier. Be sure to click through those!)

Tuesday, January 3rd

Wednesday, January 4th

Thursday, January 5th

Friday, January 6th

So far, I've been loving this project. Not only do I get to document my day with the kids, but I also get to be creative with lighting, editing, and more. During sessions with clients, I have a hard time getting artistic with things. I feel like they won't like it, or they'll want something more traditional. This year, I plan on straying away from that. While I want to make my clients happy, I also want to make myself happy, motivated, and encouraged. 

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this! More pictures coming soon!

by vern