Photographer, content creator, and social media manager.

Goals & Opportunities

Goals & Opportunities

Part I: Goals Outline

Short-term goals:

  • Graduate next weekend!
  • Finish edited my current weddings.
  • Renew the banner postings on my Etsy shop.

Middle-term goals:

  • Plan some styled photography shoots.
  • Reach out to some brands for content creation.
  • Book a Miami wedding.
  • Book a Savannah, Georgia wedding.

Long-term goals:

  • Apply for internships in social media.
  • Continuing expanding my wedding photography business.
  • Work as an art/creative director. 
  • Look for other creative agency jobs. 
  • Have a personal office space and/or studio.

What academic or career opportunities have you missed in the past? How have you turned that experience into a positive thing? AND What specific job skills should you develop to further the career you would like to be in? Or, what specific job skills should you develop to further the career you're already in?

- About a year and a half ago, I moved back to my hometown for a number of reasons: not being able to afford the Orlando lifestyle while starting a business, being a little homesick, and more. This was an extremely hard decision for me because I knew I would be missing out on a lot of social and academic opportunities. I’ve turned that into a positive experience by taking the time away from college life to focus on my future careers/businesses. This has given me the time to develop many specific job skills on my own, but it also made me realize how much more I have to learn! I am currently furthering my skills in photography, and practicing how to market myself and my business. Overall, I believe my decision for moving back to my hometown was a great career/business decision because, since then, I've been able to make a living for myself, as well as move back to Orlando.

Part II: Academic Opportunities

I chose to research more about internships, because applying and getting an internship was on my list of goals! You can obtain internships through The Office of Experimental Learning, but you can also find internships in various other places as well as career fairs or doing a simple Google search. Internships were created for students to gain relevant academic, personal, and professional knowledge and skills. It is also very important that students make professional relationships with different companies and employers during the time of their internship. An internship would be very beneficial to me, as it would teach me so much and give me professional experience to put on my resume. My next step in this process should be researching some internships I would be interested in, and then applying for them. 

Part III: Major Opportunities

I chose to discuss the commercial art section because it included both art direction and advertising. Where I believe creative services (advertising), fine arts and crafts (art), photography (art), and social media management (marketing) are all very relevant to what I’d like to do, commercial art made the most sense. Some of the strategies that stood out to me were to maintain an up-to-date physical and digital portfolio of your work and gain relevant experience through part-time jobs or internships. Keeping an up-to-date portfolio will help me when applying for both internships and jobs. I’ve always known having a digital/online portfolio was important, but I should start creating a physical book of my work. The next strategy, which I believed was the most important, was finding part-time work and internships. Fortunately, I have been working for a great creative agency called FlashStock. This has helped gain more experience with commercial photography and working with a variety of brands. My next step in pursuing this strategy is to continue updating my online portfolio, as well as create a physical book.